Culinary At Jailolo, try These!

When you visit a new place you might be curious about the foods local people usually eat everyday. So do I.

So, when I came to Jailolo I tried my best to find the best local food ever. Jaiolo located in Wes Halmahera, North Maluku Province. I guess the Jailolo local foods is quite similar with the foods in Ternate or in other parts of Maluku. So, here are what I tried during my stay in Jailolo:

  1. Mie Cakalang ( Boiled noodle with tuna/ skipjack)
  • I and my friend were very eager to find some kind of local eatery which provide local foods. I don’t wanna eat anything but local foods. Haha. After about 1km walking from my homestay, we found a “warung” or small restaurant, named Rumah Makan Novaldo (Khas Manado), provide some local foods, like Nasi kuning, Mie Cakalang, Gohu Ikan, and Air Guraka. Actually I’m not sure whether this restaurant serves Manado food or Maluku food, but the foods seemed all tasty, so I decided to come in. he3.

Rumah Makan Novaldo@ Jailolo

  • I chose Mie Cakalang. I was very curious how it tastes when noodle meets fish. Voila,, and the taste is veryyy yummy! I even order the same menu for the day after.
Mie Cakalang
  • The difference between Mie cakalang with any other mie is the cakalang fish. I never met any noodles cooked with fish before, since noodle is usually cooked with chicken or beef or pork.
  • It costs Rp.15.000/portion, served with Sambal and lemon. Slurrrp…
  1. Popeda
  •  Aha, popeda is actually the local specialties from East Indonesia like Maluku and Papua. Popeda or papeda is a staple food for most of East Indonesia people, beside rice. I eat popeda in Fitri’s home (my new little friend), Mama herself (Fitri’s mother) who cooked all the food. Lucky me I met Fitri who invited me to her house, since I never saw any Popeda restaurant in Jailolo.
  • Popeda is made from sago mixed together with warm water (not so hot water) and stirred until the sago and the water mixed well and turn into something like glue, which we call Popeda.
Dishes with Popeda
How to put popeda into your bowl
  • Seriously, when I saw popeda for the first time (my first time eating popeda is in Yogyakarta, in a “warung” served East Indonesian Foods in) it really looks like Glue. And who wanna eat glue? Or even something like glue? Haha.
  • Since my curiousity is much bigger than anything, I dare to eat the popeda with Ikan Kuah Kuning (kind of fish soup cooked with turmeric so it will produce yellow broth).
  • To be honest I would prefer rice to popeda, since it feels quite strange to eat something without chewing it first. He2.*peace*
  • But you can’t say you’ve been to Maluku unless you eat Popeda! *smirking*
  1. Kue Kenari and Bagea
  •  Those are some local snacks the Maluku people usually have for tea time. Kue kenari is the one I like the most. It’s like a normal cake using kenari/ canary bean for the filling and topping.
Kue Bagea
  •  Bagea is a very hard biscuit-made from sagoo. First time I try to eat bagea, I can’t even bite a bit. It was too hard. Then I asked my friend how to eat bagea, she said that I should eat bagea with hot sweet tea.ha3. Oh, then I find the right way eating the Bagea. It tasted plain, so it tastes better to enjoy with a cup of sweet tea or coffee…Hmm…
  1. Ikan Bakar and Sambal Dabu-Dabu Mantah
  • Among all the foods I tried, Ikan Bakar and Dabu-dabu Mantah is the champion of my taste *clapping hands*. The fish is very fresh, cooked very simply so it doesn’t lose the original taste of fish: sweet. Read about Festival Ikan Bakar in my previous post.
  • When I was taking a walk along the road, I saw some Cakalang Fufu seller. We tried some cakalang fufu (some kind of smoked tuna) with sagoo. One pieces cakalang fufu costs Rp.20.000,- while sagoo is Rp.1.000/pcs.
Cakalang Fufu

That’s all the local food I tried in Jailolo. I didn’t eat many kind of foods since I just stay only 4 days. I hope it could be another reference for you who’s looking for food reference in Jailolo or Maluku. Bon appetite!

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