Tana Toraja: Land of the Dead (1)

What comes first in your mind when you heard “Toraja”? Or what google’s first page result when you type “Toraja”? Yepp! It might be something about the dead!

Tana Toraja has been popular for its unique grave and the fabulous funeral ceremony (or party?) and its distinctive traditional house. Unlike in any other parts of the world where usually a dead body is buried in a graveyard under the soil, Torajan people will put the corpse inside the cave or rock. 

Tongkonan-traditional house of Toraja

Tana Toraja is located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It can be reached 8-10 hours by night bus (cost +/- 80k-85k IDR one way) from Makassar to Makale/ Rantepao. Some bus agent offering the the route to Toraja are Litha Bus (phone +62 411 324847 , 311055), Alam Indah (+62411-4772888), and Bintang Prima ( +62411 586717).

Toraja is laid in a mountainous area with green landscape surrounded by ricefield, woods, fruit and vegetables farms. Moreover, the landscape and view of Toraja land is obviously somewhat we call a relief from saturation. So refreshing!!

While exploring Toraja, don’t forget to try Terong Belanda ( I don’t what to say in English), since it’s largely grown in Toraja, and frequently delivered to Makassar. Terong Belanda is a fruit, seems like eggplant, so it’s called Terong (terong is Indonesian word for ‘eggplant). The local people often use Terong Belanda for juice, cooking, and jam. Later, it became one of my favorite fruit, ever!

Terong Belanda- try this fruit and get addicted!

Toraja has been a favorite destinations, especially for foreign tourist to explore in Sulawesi. That’s why, we can find many guest house or hotels, from the cheap to the exclusive ones either in Makale or Rantepao.

Since I can categorize my self as a budgeted-traveler, I obviously wil try to find the cheap one, but still without ignoring my comfort. When I visited Toraja on March 2012, I found a cheap-satisfying guest house near Rantepao (quite near to many objects) which only charged IDR 60k for single room, and IDR 120k for double room included breakfast.

Then, what to enjoy in Toraja? I say, quite many if you have enough time and courage. Hehe. Some remarkable sites are the Kete’Kesu, Londa, Lamo, Bori, Pallawa, etc. I’ll write the stories in my next post. Get ready and Happy rambling!

4 thoughts on “Tana Toraja: Land of the Dead (1)

  1. rosaaaa…. yang mana yang lebih worth it dikunjungi… Tana Toraja atau Tanjung Bira?? pengen duaduanya sih.. tp apa daya, cuma 3 hari di mksr 😀

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