Manado Photo Stories (2)

Traditional market is my biggest interest of a town/ city. I can spend hours to go around the markets. Just to see how the people doing the selling-buying process, find local specialties which might be not available in other markets, and of course, to find some local cuisine 🙂

Here I share my photos of Tomohon Market, a traditional market in North Sulawesi which has been famous for its “special commodities”  you rarely (or maybe never) find in other market like — pig, snake, dogs, cat, mouse, bat, etc. Wait, they’re not for pet! But all are for food ingredients! Yes, here we are…

Fresh from the farm
Batmen n batwomen here..!Image
Micky mouse n Minnie mouse might be very sad seeing this pic
I was very sad to see this. This phyton must be very beautiful when still alive :
I don’t recommend this market for dog lovers



Bamboo, for cooking dog
Daun nasi or rice leaves, used to wrap the rice
Lemon and chilli are most easily found in the market. Minahasa people do love hot spicy food


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