Losing you, or Losing me?

There is this situation, when we can’t stand people ask what’s wrong with us.
We always wanna say that we’re doing ok. But these teary eyes are nowhere to hide. I want them to hide behind a locked door, during the prayer, or when nobody find us. But hey, they just blown out, not over our permission.

Quit making it seems that we are the toughest person in the world. Some people are vulnerable in their own cases.
Be sad, We are not superman.
Cry, it may relieve us.
But don’t be indulged.
Don’t let ourselves being drawn by sorrow. Trust me, it will only consume us.

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There is this situation, when I just keep an issue stay in silence, stay blurred. No one knows, only me. I am curious, but I am too afraid that the reality might turn ugly to me. Or too afraid of getting hurt. Call me a loser then.
If some things are better left unsaid, I hope it is one of them.

I am not in the capacity of blaming, him or them.
I never explained yet. Why would I expect him, or them to understand? Who the hell am I?

In the end, for me it’s not (only) about losing you. It’s losing me.


5 thoughts on “Losing you, or Losing me?

  1. ca, i dont know, i think i feel it.
    we reach some point when we doubt everything also ourselves.
    but you dont have to hold it together every second of everyday. it’s okay to break down. it’s okay to cry. you’re human ca. i’m human too.

    semangat ca!!

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