[Postcard] Woman Around the World

It's been a while since I posted about the cards I received. Now, I'm posting about women card. Yep, postcards with a picture of woman on it. I dedicate this post for all girls, women and mother everywhere in the world 🙂 Indian Woman from Leh When I received this card from Sudhir in India , … Continue reading [Postcard] Woman Around the World

Catatan: The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

“If love and virtue in the household reign, this is of life the perfect grace and grain.” Pertama kali baca judul buku ini, kesannya kok agak gimana gitu. Saya kenal buku ini dari seorang teman yang emang penggila buku. Dia sering sekali ngambil quote nya Mr. Ali (tokoh utama). Karena penasaran, saya cari resume nya … Continue reading Catatan: The Marriage Bureau for Rich People