Can He Be Traveler

Postingan ini sebenernya saya post sejak 1 Januari 2014. Tapi entah kenapa, di blog terlihat kalau saya posting sejak Agustus 2013. Entah karena sudah saya draft dari Agustus lalu kepencet publish dan saya lupa, atau blog saya memang lagi eror. Jadi saya posting ulang saja biar muncul di paling atas. hehe.

Before I babble too much, I would gain the opportunity to say, “Happy New Year! May we have prosperous year ahead, stay healthy and stay happy.’ I hope to travel more and more this year.

If Brad Paisley says, that today is the first of 365 blank page, so let’s start something good in this rainy day.

Dear God, The most merciful and compassionate.
Thank you for these wonderful years I’ve been encountering up until now and for the days ahead.

Dear God,

There is a very big big issue that always pop up in my circle. Yes, You know what I mean. Yes it is. Umm, well, about me, single, mingle and available. I hope I never set the bar too high, or being too picky. Am I? Or the time hasn’t come yet, God? You must know the best, God.

I often involved in a lovey dovey long conversations with some friends. Then we started that- so called typical of future husband we dream of. I said, I never stick to some certain typical of it. But then we babbled alot and each of us specify some different type. Ehemm, then a friend yelled, if we start to talk about these criteria then we make our own criteria. Lol.

Some people say not to live your life with if-s.
But, if I may ask, dear God, among all these criteria, may I ask You, can he be a traveler?

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Photo from

The one who will be my number one company for the rest of my life; then I would choose him to be my utmost travel partner through times and life.

With him I can arrange our life, not his not mine, but ours.

With him I could walk a lot, wander a stranger place, meet the strangers that become dear friends when we leave; taste many kind of ubiquitous street foods.

With him, I will take the kids to the park or zoo or lake. Take them to a short trip to nearby town. Teach them to adapt well with the many kinds of situations. Life lessons are sometimes hidden behind these kinds of situations.

To celebrate our anniversary, I would arrange a little sweet getaway to a small island or hike a mountain, cook our simple favorite meals, having dinner under the stars; other than pay for a expensive restaurant dinner that costs as much as an airfare.

I do believe that travelling is the only thing we buy that makes us richer. We will be willing to save more money to buy airfare tickets, book some lodging, buy travel kits.

Before our sleep, we pop up our conversations with some travelling plans for the next week, next month, next year, and many years ahead. To plan some travels to our dream destinations. Watching the Northern Light in Iceland or Norway. Wandering around the mystical Prague. Having Mediteranean overland trip through Morrocco, Spain, Greece, Egypt, and Turkey. Meet the Manta in Derawan, or whale shark in Cendrawasih Bay. That’s from me. And him? We’ll find out later.

We might not always stay in a cheap hotel, indulge ourselves in a luxurious service is allowed (as long as we have the money and willing to spend it there). But we would also prefer to travel with a friendship lane; contacting our friends or friends to- be, arranging some meet up, know their hometowns, understand their culture.

He will be my first and utmost travel partner. We may go on our destinations with other friends or family. But we will try not to wander the places we both never been to. It will be ours to see. Yes, ours.

I hope I don’t demand too much, dear God.

See you.

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